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Do you have a pet that needs grooming? 


We are here to deliver you with the very best dog and cat grooming services.  



We believe that animal lovers and their pets speak a certain language only other animal lovers would understand.  Our lifelong love for pets has helped us understand this language and we know what your pet needs.  

We are experienced and trusted pet groomers of 14 years that will effectively groom your animal to look and feel their best.

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NOW servicing the Loganville Georgia and surrounding areas!

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Years ago we were regularly servicing a client with three chocolate lab puppies named Trio, Java and Coco.  The dogs filled us with so much joy when we groomed them.  Those chocolate puppies have long since crossed the rainbow bridge but they gave us great memories that will last a lifetime.  Their owner trusted us with his fur babies and this trust sparked a passion in us to provide quality service for our clients and their animals.  This is how the company and the name were born!  


We groom all breeds of dogs as well as cats.  Our passion is to provide a quality personalized service where happy and clean pets meet. We look forward to serving you and yours pets.


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Full Grooming


Our full grooming consists of shampooing, ear cleaning and nail clipping.

*See Below Price List

Flea and Tick Treatment


We use essential oils that kill fleas and ticks on contact.

*Please call for pricing.

Additional Services


We also provide tooth brushing, anal expression, all natural shampooing, as well as all natural pet cologne sprays.

*Please call for pricing.

Size and Weight                                       ___                        _______ Full Groom
Small Dog (25 lbs or less)                                                                     $ 85 and up
Medium Dog (26 - 50 lbs)                                                                     $ 85  -   $100
Large Dog (51 - 75 lbs)                                                                         $100  -   $120
Ex. Large (76 lbs +)                                                                              $120  -  $160

* Please note that there is an additional $20 House Call Fee Added to all Grooming charges above.

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AFTER Pictures of our Special Clients!

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